What’s the best way to get to La Paz?
Many people fly directly into to the La Paz airport. There are currently no direct flights from the US that go directly in to La Paz, so many people chose to fly in to the Cabo airport. There are usually more flight options and sometimes it is cheaper. The drive from the Cabo airport to La Paz is about 2 – 2.5 hours. Some people chose to rent a car at the Cabo airport and drive up. There are also public shuttle buses (www.ecobajatours.com) and private shuttles that run from the Cabo airport to La Paz regularly. There are many shuttle companies, but the one we tend to use the most is Turispancho. Octavio Aviles runs the company and has many comfortable vans and suburbans for transport. Below is his contact info. In addition to airport transportation, he does short trips and even overnight whale watching excursions.

TURISPANCHO, Contact: Octavio Aviles @ 01 521 624 127 312 or turispancho65@gmail.com or his website at www.turispancho.com

Once we get to La Paz, how do we get to Paraiso del Mar?
If you fly directly in to La Paz, the airport is only about a 10-15 minute drive to Marina Cortez on the far west end of the Malecon. There are cabs at the airport or you can arrange a shuttle driver (Octavio). If you are driving to La Paz, there is always plenty of free parking along the Malecon close to the boat dock. Paraiso del Mar has free shuttle boats to take you on a 10 minute ride across the bay to the Resort. From the Resort dock, the Paraiso staff will transport you and your bags directly to your unit.

How will we get keys?
When you arrive at Marina Cortez on the Malecon (formerly Vista Coral), look for the gate leading out to the docks just before Cafe Capri. Our shuttle boats dock there. Staff at the Marina are very helpful, so ask them where to wait for the Paraiso del Mar boats. Once you cross over to the Resort, our property managers (Seaside Management) will be available to meet you with keys or the keycode for the unit. They have an office at the condos in D102. Prior to your trip, the managers will contact you to arrange your arrival time and answer any questions you might have.

How safe is it in La Paz right now?
Mexico has received a lot of press recently about the unrest and violence with the drug cartels. Most of that press stems from activity along the US/Mexico boarder and also on the mainland of Mexico. Baja Mexico is very safe and the City of La Paz is known to be a very peaceful and safe place. In our two years of being in La Paz, we have never experienced any violence. In fact, we feel safer in downtown La Paz than we do in most US cities.

Can we drive right to Paraiso del Mar?
Yes. Paraiso del Mar sits on a long peninsula (called the “Mogote”) directly across the Malecon in the La Paz bay. From downtown, the drive is about 30-40 minutes. The road on the Mogote is dirt and so the drive is not fast. It is much easier to leave your car in town and take the shuttle boats. But many people do the drive. It’s very safe but just slow.

Where can we buy groceries in La Paz?
There are many large grocery stores in La Paz. About a mile from the Marina Cortez, there is a large Mega and Chedraui–both great stores. There is also a Sam’s Club, Walmart, and City Club. All of the large stores are a short cab/bus ride from the Malecon. There are also smaller corner stores in La Paz that are a short walk from the Malecon. The PDM staff can tell you exactly where to go and even call a cab for you.

Do we need Pesos or can we use US Dollars or Credit Cards?
Just about everyone will take US Dollars and credit cards in La Paz. We usually exchange money before we come to Mexico in that the exchange rate is better at a US bank than it is in a small convenience store or a cab ride in La Paz. The rate usually varies somewhere around 12 pesos to the dollar in a bank. Stores and cab drives like to try and get 10:1 exchange. We suggest bringing some pesos with you when you come. Credit cards work fine in La Paz, but you may want to check with your credit card company to see about exchange and foreign transaction fees.

Do US cell phones work in La Paz?
US cell phones do work in La Paz. Rates vary, however, depending on your provider. Check with your service provider before you come. If you are on a Data Plan, you may ask about switching to a Global plan when you are there. Otherwise you will usually be charged based on usage that that can get expensive. Most providers will pro-rate you plan for the dates you are in Mexico.

Is the water safe to swim in?
The water in La Paz is very clean and very safe. There is sea life–seals, dolphins, lots of fish, whale sharks, etc–but many people swim in the water. Because La Paz sits in a large bay, there isn’t usually much surf and the water is calm.

Is it safe to drink the water at the Resort?
The water at the Resort is produced by a desalination plant right at the Resort. The water is VERY pure and safe to drink and use for cooking. Because of the desalination process, we don’t think the water tastes very good. So we usually will buy our drinking water in the large jugs from the Convenience store at the Resort. When the jug is empty, just take it back and exchange it for a full one for a small fee. But if you don’t mind a little unusual taste to the water, it is very pure and safe to drink.

How can we set up fishing or snorkeling trips?
La Paz is well known for its sport fishing and snorkeling. The Paraiso Concierge would be happy to set up trips for you. We would also be happy to give you suggestions of people that we have used. There are also many boat and fishing guides that can be found online. We have also listing sportfishing guides on our Fishing Page.

Is there TV and Internet at Paraiso?
The Resort has just installed Dish satellites. Individual condo units are in the process of installing receivers. Some units have receivers installed and some do not. If you need TV, then you should check and see which units have Dish installed. The Paraiso Resort has a free resortwide WiFi system that owners and guests are welcome to use.

How often do the shuttle boats run from the Malecon to the Resort?
The free shuttle boats run every half hour between the hours of 7am and 11pm. The boats leave from the Vista Coral office on the Malecon on the hour and on the half hour. They leave from the reception dock at the Resort at 15 and 45 after each hour. There are after-hours shuttles that can transport you between midnight and 7am if you happen to miss the last boat at night or need to get to town early in the morning. They must be pre-arranged and there is a small fee.

How do we get around the Resort once we are there if we don’t have a car?
Paraiso del Mar has a shuttle bus service that goes throughout the resort to transport owners and guests throughout the development. These shuttle buses are free to owners and guests and will soon be on a set schedule and route to make it easy to get anywhere. If you want flexibility, many owners and guests rent a golf cart during their stay. Golf carts can be rented at the Resort but plan ahead if you want to reserve one. We can help you with that.

What about health care at the Resort–and in La Paz in general?
The Paraiso Resort has a fully trained medic on site 24 hours a day. There is an emergency number posted in the units for the Paraiso security and medical staff. The City of La Paz is well known for its great health care. There are many hospitals and clinics only a short distance from the Resort.

Are there restaurants close by?
There is currently one restaurant at the Paraiso Resort — The Survivor Bar & Grill at the Condo Pool Bar. The Grill is open at 11am Tuesday – Sunday. They make great food and happy hour is from 5-7pm daily with two-for-one drinks. The Grill is a great spot to bring your freshly caught fish to be prepared by the Chef.
In addition to this great restaurant at the Resort, there are many great restaurants within a short walk from the boat dock on the Malecon. Whether you are in the mood for Authentic Mexican, pizza, burgers, or seafood…no one will be disappointed with the options in La Paz. Check out our Restaurant page for a list of our favorite places in town.

How can we make a reservation to stay in one of your units?
If you are interested in staying at Paraiso del Mar, please send us a Rental Inquiry (below) to check on availability and have any questions answered prior to booking. We always get back to your very quickly and let you know if there are units available and what the total cost of your stay will be. Most of our guests pay using PayPal, but some opt to send in a personal check or money order. Once your reservation is made, we will help arrange any needed transportation or and other outings you may have planned.