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Condo buildings A – F are completely finished at Paraiso del Mar. The condos are arranged in a horseshoe shape around a 50-meter pool and manicured grounds, with each of the buildings looking out over the pool, the beach, and the Sea of Cortez. The first horseshoe contains 5 condo buildings, A – E, with each building consisting of either five or six floors. Each of the lower floors have two 3 bedroom condo units on the ends and two 2 bedroom condo units in the middle. The top floor of each building consists of two penthouses.

As you can see from the picture, the condos are located just steps from the beach. The second set of condos to be built is known as the second horseshoe. It is identical in layout and made up of 5 buildings, F – J. Building F was just completed and the others are to soon follow. Most of the owners of three-bedroom condo units will rent their condos as two-bedroom units in that the third bedroom locks off. If you only need two bedrooms, check the availability of three-bedroom units and see if the owners will rent them with only two bedrooms.


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